Try Lolita Style

|Blouse : Unbranded|Dress : Rismakill Costumes Drama|Pin : DIY|Headdress : DIY|Tight : TOPSHOP|Shoes : Vintage|

Hello All ...
How are you? I have not been posting my blog.
I'm still a little in recovery. Still not thinking clearly.
My heart is still sore. For me this is very difficult.
I need someone to fill an empty soul.
There wants to be my boyfriend?

Now I'm like the lolita style. I want to look like a doll pullip.
I love to read GOTHIC & LOLITA BIBLE. So much inspiration I get from reading the magazine.
I tried to make a bonnet, dress, petticoats, Bloomers, choker, and Victorian blouse.
it makes me look funny and scary.
I hope I get good results.