Happy Day!

I'm very happy today because my boyfriend's friends came to my house. Since yesterday he was in Bandung. He came on at 8 PM,actually he berangakat from Jakarta on at 4 PM. Lol, he said, verystuck on the highway. There's always like that, every time out of Jakarta in the afternoon. He brought Bakmie favorite. He's reallygreat because he really knows really my favorite, though he did notknow it. It's close to my heart. In the morning, I was ushered off to school with him. It's never been before, I like this. Only one that I do not like that is less than honest with me. I always hope he becomessomeone who is honest about my relationship with him. Shortenedit, at 6:30 PM, he returned to Jakarta. I am very sad because I'm athome do not have friends. Loneliness come back my life but my boyfriend said that he would return to Bandung next week. I'm veryhappy because I get along with him back at home. I love him so much and I will keep faithful to him. I hope to be honest-heartedperson in this relationship.


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