be patient

yesterday I went to a music event in Parompong, Lembang. The event was made ​​by my boyfriend. Great fun once in his first event. After a long time coming female attacker who approached my boyfriend. I know I hated her for a long time. He always was never respected me as his girlfriend Aik. I've started to accept he even though there is hatred. At that time da other woman who comes back is more painful than ever, women are so outrageous. I was and saw that there was absolutely no guilt approached my boyfriend. For some reason I'm so jealous and really do not like. Moreover, holding the hand of my boyfriend. I want to cry and angry but, I can not do anything. When my boyfriend was drunk he hugged the woman and I could see it. How cruel is my boyfriend. but I must be patient want to or not ..
Someday he will understand this feeling. I affection and love my boyfriend very similar. I do not want him to leave. He had to marry me. I as a woman must accept that risk.

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