Vacation at Bali

Hi all friends..
yesterday me, my parents, and entourage departed sports Cisangkuy Bandung to Bali. Ngurahrai Arriving at the international airport in Bali, we all live in one of orah shuttle service traveling to places to eat in Krishna. who the hell is the Bali or people who have visited Bali did not know where the cheap shopping souvenirs such. To be honest there is less tasty food tonight but I enjoy it than not eating. hehehe
The first day, we visited the shopping Galuh. There were scary but pretty cool place. In the garden behind me take pictures. Look at it was really cool that is where people got rich. Yay, I bought songket there just really cool but I did not get photographed.

After the Galih, we headed to the beach of Nusa Dua. Yup, there served a variety of water games ranging from the latest flying fish, Banana Boat, Paraceiling, jetski, Roling Donut, turtle island, scuba diving, and glass bottom. Everything must be really exciting. I went to turtle island only by boat persama my parents and friends. Well, there are so many turtles that survived to looking for effects of human population is irresponsible. Not a just any turtle, there are various kinds of different animals like snakes, various birds, bats, iguanas, and many more.

After the turtle island, we directly set off again towards Tanjung Benoa. It lol, so many monkey. Eitsssssssss ... Do not be mistaken here is very interesting scene leads directly into the ocean.

That night we had dinner in Jimbaran. There is really very good dinner. already his seat on the beach, hear the waves swish evening and the night wind. great atmosphere. If I bring my boyfriend there must be a romantic dinner are accompanied by a cup of wine, delicious seafood, and hold small candles so Candlelight Diner .. Pretttzzz just dreaming. While eating see the dance of Bali. Delicious ...

The second day, we went to one of the lakes in Bali, Bedugul lake. The landscape fairly great, exciting tour for a boat ride to one of the temple which is on Money Rp 50.000,00 hehehe. Definitely them know people of Indonesia. ehehehehe

Tada... Joger itu tempat yang tidak pernah aku lewatkan kalau ke Bali. Dari baju, celana, sendal, sepatu, tas, dan cendera mata. kalau orang suka ngomong bukan ke Bali namanya kalau tidak ke Joger.

Enjoy the Sunset .. As I took some photographs. Guide said there is a spring whose waters can be used to heal illnesses and also can ask for a mate. I stayed another year waiting for marriage with Aik.

The third day on the island of the gods, We went to Kuta. Actually I was there at night time and enjoy the night. Have fun at Bounti the Disco. I want to enjoy the afternoon. I headed to the beach to just play and take pictures.

I'm very happy because for the umpteenth time to vacation on the island with thousands of temples. Enjoying the beauty of this place, though not quite four days there but I really enjoyed it. I want to protest to one of the travel services that bring us here. Too many shopping centers souvenirs of our visit so that our time is wasted in useless for the shop that actually does not need and food that is served is not too bad. I am very grateful for my departure here, filled with memories that may not be forgotten. If I could live here I would be delighted but it was very difficult from the start that hot climate makes my skin is black over black, shopping is probably slightly more expensive than in Bandung, excessive lifestyle because there is a paradise for international tourists visiting the Bali, and many foods are not halal for Muslim consumption.
Someday I will visit this place again and see places that I have not visited as Tampaksiring palace, Kintamani, Ubud, and others.
Amiennn .... Hopefully my prayers Fulfilled.

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