Pray for my grandmother

My grandmother was initially appear healthy. After it was often sickly. sometimes I like the fear of something bad happened to my family. All my family, my brother, and I'm also very fond of including him. On December 20, 2010 in the early morning I heard my mother down the stairs and saw my grandmother in pain. I do not know what causes it, I just feel worried to see my grandmother. After I came home from school, my dad heat up the car. I do not know my father would go anywhere. I went into the house and saw my grandmother who could not get up and sit out of bed. he said that his whole body was sore. My father, my brother, and my mother persuaded him to the hospital for examination. As usual, my grandmother did not like were invited to a place like that let alone be treated in hospital. With lug it forced us into the car and immediately headed for the hospital. Now I do not know how the situation is now. In my mind only fear alone. Hopefully not something bad happen to it.
I ask for prayer from friends as well. Please pray for my grandmother for a speedy recovery. Amien ..

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